This Is Everybody’s Problem


“Beyond the Brink” is the latest in The Chronicles Group’s series of documentaries dealing with public policy and national security issues. These include: “Running Dry” (2005), “The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?” (2008) and “The Cold War and Beyond” (2003).  “Running Dry” was the foundation and genesis for the 2005 Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act and 2014 Water for the World Act.

“’Beyond the Brink’ presents a possible future world that no longer supplies enough food or water to sustain its inhabitants and the inevitable impact that is having on National exness mt5 and International Security,’” stated Jim Thebaut, the film’s creator/director/producer. “

“Beyond the Brink” focuses on California’s San Joaquin Valley and the ever-increasing difficulties for farmers and the local produce industry due to draught and water scarcity. The San Joaquin Valley is representative of a global crisis due to dwindling sources of agriculture around the planet. As these agricultural “food baskets” become increasingly unable to produce for its dramatically growing population, the critical ramifications on the social fabric and our national security become obvious.

Like Thebaut’s previous two films, “Beyond the Brink” examines a multitude of solutions and technologies currently being formulated, invented and utilized in modern day agriculture.

Podcast Interview:  Listen to Jim Thebaut addressing the impact water scarcity will have on food resources at a national level.  Jim Thebaut on Food, Water and National Security.